Environment, Society, and Economy. Tell the Full Story of Sustainability Actions.

Our Mission

At Greenlink, we believe in a comprehensive view of sustainability actions, including their impacts on energy, environment, public health, households and business finances, job creation, labor income, and local economy growth.

Our Expertise

Greenlink excels at unpacking the full set of impacts associated with clean energy and sustainability actions, including

  • Impact on residential and commercial electricity demand
  • Impact on electricity generation resource mix
  • Impact on CO2 and common pollutant emissions
  • Impact on water consumption and withdraw
  • Impact on public health
  • Impact on GDP growth, job creation, and labor income
  • Impact on residential and commercial electricity rates and bills
  • Impact on electric utility financial well-being

Highlights of our work

How Does a Utility Designed Low Emission Proposal Compare to a Greenlink Modeled Proposal?

A utility in North Carolina was proposing a Low Emission scenario for how they would run their grid system. Greenlink was tasked with developing a new Clean Energy scenario to compare against the utility's proposal. Can you guess who's generated lower emissions?

This map of North and South Carolina outlines the electricity production system showing CO2 output related to Current State as well as the Low Emission scenario and the Clean Energy Scenario. The size of the dots on the map represent the quantity of CO2 emitted and the color of the dots represent the expected costs to the public.