Get a Better Understanding of Your Carbon Impact

Our Mission

Greenlink can help predict and measure carbon output on a building, local and regional level. We use our advanced building modelling techniques as well as an in-depth understanding of the local electricity grid to evaluate your carbon footprint. 


The Greenlink approach is significantly more accurate than the standard tools used by government and industry today, which make use of simple, static factors to calculate carbon footprints. Greenlink has found errors that exceed 30% in carbon footprint analysis performed using these methods; this approach ignores the geographic and temporal aspects of electricity generation and consumption. Instead of repeating these mistakes, ATHENIA captures the specific nature of electricity use where you are, when you use it, and makes an accurate assessment of emissions as a result. Accurate information is critical for informed decision making; ATHENIA makes it possible.

The current leading method assumes a constant carbon emission rate for the entire year and region. The graphs below show the gaps between the current method of carbon accounting and what is actually going on in the system.

By using the hourly modelling techniques of ATHENIA, Greenlink is able to produce carbon footprint evaluations that more closely resemble the resources used to power the grid at any given time. Our analysis is able to model which utility resources are most likely to generate at any given time of day, pairing that emissions profile to the hourly demand of a consumer. This leads to significantly higher accuracy.

* Graphs represent the emissions profile for a stereotypical mid-sized office building in Atlanta, GA in 2016

* Graphs represent the emissions profile for a stereotypical mid-sized office building in Atlanta, GA in 2016

Greenlink's expertise in carbon footprint accounting includes

  • Local and Regional Energy Use Modelling
  • Utility Generation System Modelling
  • Distributed Generation Solar Planning


What's your footprint?

Greenlink used ATHENIA  to evaluate the energy intensity and carbon footprint of every major metro area in the United States from 2000-2010.