Use Knowledge and Analytics to Achieve Urban Sustainability Goals

Our Mission

Greenlink is committed to using policy knowledge, market insights, and advanced analytics to facilitate cities in achieving sustainability goals.

Our Expertise

Greenlink uses the ATHENIA model as well as other select models to analyze urban energy and water usage. Our analysis evaluates not only how much energy is used but for what purpose it was used.

  • Clean Energy Future Planning
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Distributed Generation Solar
  • Whole Building Energy Use
  • Water Use
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis

Highlights of our work

How Does Your City's energy and carbon intensity Compare to Others?

insights into energy use in the urban environment

Buildings consume more than 40% of the nation’s energy use and 80% of the electricity consumption. Understanding energy use patterns in cities, where majority of the buildings concentrate in is key to urban sustainability.

Greenlink combines advanced building energy simulation tools, predictive analytics, and 3D visualizations to create insights about building energy use in an urban environment.  

explore the full set of clean energy options and their benefits

Cities across the nation are taking steps towards a more sustainable future. Greenlink applies its deep knowledge in urban planning and energy policy to facilitate cities sustainability efforts, from built environment, to electric vehicle, and to 100% clean energy roadmap design.

Explore this interactive map to see the results of Greenlink's analysis about the far-reaching public health benefits  of the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge program.