Enable a Clean and Smart Electric Grid With Advanced Analytics

Our Mission

Greenlink integrates predictive modeling, advanced data analytics and market insights to facilitate the transition to a clean, smart, and reliable electric grid.

Our Expertise

Greenlink’s expert analysts have decades long experience in analyzing electric utility’s resource planning. We analyze utility-proposed resource mixes, use the ATHENIA model to predict their impacts on energy demand and supply, emissions, public health, consumers’ spending on energy, and utilities’ financial well-being. Based on specific requests, Greenlink also proposes alternatives to key assumptions used in utility’s resource planning, and uses the ATHENIA model to demonstrate how electric demand and supply could be different under various pathways. 


Specifically, Greenlink’s expertise in the utility resource planning field spans across the following areas.

  • Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) analysis
  • Scenario analysis alternative to IRP
  • Environmental and carbon regulation compliance analysis and action plan design 
  • Design and evaluate energy efficiency, demand response, and renewable energy programs
  • Carbon and air pollutant emissions forecast
  • Grid reliability analysis 
  • Utility financial analysis
  • Power plants cost and performance analysis
  • Regulatory process and regulatory intervention assistant



reserve margin analysis of the necessity of georgia Power's nuclear power plant vogtle

Greenlink used the ATHENIA model to analyze energy demand and generation in Georgia. Through this analysis we were able to model future energy use and generation and evaluate the how whether Plant Vogtle's new nuclear units were required to meet reserve margins.

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Grounds for Optimism: Options for Empowering Ohio's Energy Market

Ohio policymakers have expressed interest in a set of renewable energy and efficiency policies that would maximize financial benefits to the state, while keeping Ohio on track to meet potential future environmental regulations. To evaluate the most effective mix of resources that would meet these two objectives, the Greenlink Group, in consultation with Runnerstone, produced four forecasts of the state’s electricity market

Greenlink analyzed a current state as well as three clean energy proposals for Ohio. All three proposals would meet potential federal carbon reduction levels as well as provide financial benefits to the state. Our analysis found that the Accelerated Efficiency scenario offers the most economic and environmental benefits of the three options, while Expanded Renewables offers the greatest economic development opportunities.

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